September 3, 2019


Finally, we’ve got a release date for Raising Dion! The 9-episode series will premier on Oct. 4th 2019 and I’m excited to finally see it! 

As you can see from the image above, this month’s Entertainment Weekly magazine, has an entire 2 page spread about Raising Dion! My name is in the 3rd paragraph right next to Dennis Liu; the writer/director of both the comic, short film and Netflix series! 

This is essentially the same article that ran online but seeing it in print feels different and a bit more exciting. Especially because the cover to the Raising Dion comic is up on the left side of the spread, right above Stumptown, Watchmen, and Stargirl!

Thank you again to Sarah Rodman (writer) and Patrick Gomez (editor) for crediting me in this piece. That doesn’t always happen, so getting credit in a publication like EW really means a lot.

Reminder that if you’ve never read it, you can still get the digital and/or print copy of the Raising Dion comic from IndyPlanet

Also, make sure to add Raising Dion to your list on Netflix! There is currently a landing page up, so go check that out!

UPDATE: The Show is out so you can now add it to your list!

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