September 7, 2018

UPDATE: Since originally publishing this post, this book has been released with a different title. In this post I call it Spaceman and Bloater Shorts Vol.1, but the published book is titled Spaceman and Bloater Vol. 1: Beltuek Cavern and Other Stories.

I present to you the cover of Spaceman and Bloater Shorts Vol. 1! Releasing later this year in both print and digital formats! Spaceman And Bloater are coming back in a brand new 18 page story, Beltuek Cavern!

In addition to this new adventure, the book will also collect all four of the previous short Spaceman and Bloater comics which I’ve “re-mastered” with updated lettering and some color tweaks. Plus, I’m throwing in some sketches and behind the scenes stuff for fun (Let me know if there are any specific behind the scenes things you’d like to see. Rough page layouts? The original character designs? Process of one image from thumbnail to finish?)

This is the first time I’ve been able to use that Spaceman and Bloater logo that I designed a couple years back and I couldn’t be happier with it! You’ll also notice in the upper left corner, a logo for Orp Comics. Named after the noise that Bloater makes, this will be the name of my comics imprint. All future Spaceman and Bloater books (Along with any of my other self published comics) will be published under this imprint. Unless of course Image or one of the other publishers wants to give me a shot.

If you can’t tell, I’m really excited about this project! The last Spaceman and Bloater comic I released was in 2014, so it’s about time, right? Keep an eye out for process pics and even short process videos as I’m getting this together over the next few months!

I want to know what you think, though! Leave any thoughts in the comments and maybe share it around  Stay tuned! I’ll mainly be posting updates on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too! So follow me on there as well as here!

More to come!