Professor Nimbal – A New Comic Exploring Inflammatory Bowel Disease

May 25, 2018

Well the day is here! I’ve been working on this comic over the last few months and I’m so excited to finally share it. Professor Nimbal: Explorations in Crohn’s and Colitis follows Professor Nimbal as he guides Avi and Addy on an exciting journey through Avi’s intestines in order to help them learn about Inflammatory Bowel Disease!  The comic was written by David Suskind M.D. A pediatric gastroenterologist from Seattle Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington; with art and letters from me!

Professor Nimbal is a comic we produced to help educate IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) patients about the condition in a fun and easily digestible way (no pun intended).
Dr. Suskind is an expert in nutrition and intestinal disorders, and has focused his energy on the clinical care, research and advocacy for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. If you want to know more about his work you can check out

Working with Dr. Suskind was a pleasure and I’m honored to have been the artist on this project. Needless to say, I’m very proud of this book. It’s the longest single comic that I’ve worked on up to this point, and I feel like it has the potential to help to bring some joy to a lot of people. On a personal level I also feel like it’s some of my best comics work, so far.  

The full comic is available now in several spots in both print and digitalSo get a copy and check it out for yourself! And if you have any friends or family members with IBD, be sure to tell them about this! I think they’ll enjoy it!

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