Patriot Tales Vol.3 (Preview)


LYDIA and JAMES went on the adventure of a lifetime as they time traveled back to the year 1778 with the aid of a MAGICAL QUILL PEN. Finding themselves at an encampment in VALLEY FORGE they teamed up with none other than GENERAL GEORGE WASHINGTON. Their mission – to foil a plot to kidnap the good GENERAL and to uncover the enemy lurking in their midsts. Through a keen eye and the power of observation JAMES and LYDIA successfully completed their mission.

Upon returning home JAMES had plenty of information for his school report and LYDIA had enough inspiration to fill a hundred sketchbooks. We join them now as JAMES is finishing his report, the adventure over… or is it?

PATRIOT TALES Vol. 3 was created for the Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board

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Digital Ink and Color: Clip Studio Paint EX (Manga Studio 5 EX)

Written by: Christian “Patch” Patchell

Line work and Letters: Jason Piperberg Colors: Ryan Barr

Artwork © Jason Piperberg and Ryan Barr 2019.

All Rights Reserved.